Hey. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m Karl Yang. I currently work at Rippling on the bizops team. I previously worked at Xendit as a PM and CoS, and at LendingClub in strategy & bizops roles. I started my career investing in pre-IPO technology companies at VSL Partners.

This site is meant to expose surface area that I’m interested in engaging around. Ideas I’m currently gnawing on (and you should email/DM me about):

  • How technology can enable us to be better, not just smarter (first explored here)
  • Developing optimism / reducing cynicism
  • Mythmaking
  • Drills or micro-practice for knowledge workers

Some projects that I’ve worked on:

Vaccinate California

Featured writing

Commenting vs. making


List of interesting lists

Career advice for people with bad luck (HN discussion)

The Job Status Cycle

How to kill a project

Best-performing tweets (mostly memes, unsurprisingly)

Some other places you can find me: